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Decorative Steel Doors

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The variety of hollow metal door designs available is limited by the architect's ingenuity that complies with the codes and regulations of the manufacturing process. Our specialty decorative steel doors are designed to fit a specific application but still retain all the styling and elegance of architectural designs for residential and commercial applications. As with all our doors, these feature rugged hollow metal construction and can be supplied with optional architectural accessories. When it comes to choosing the best source for all your custom-built and pre-engineered steel doors and frames, you can depend on us for exceptional quality, service and value. Our steel products are rugged, long lasting and offer great endurance through time. They resist environmental stress like heat and humidity that adversely impact other door and frame products. These products are easy to maintain and ensure virtually trouble free operation for many years. Steel door and frame products are also an ideal solution to any degree of security. We provide our steel doors with infilling of Honeycomb or Mineral rockwool.

  • Honeycomb Infill
    The core within the door gives it unique characteristics that may set it apart from another door that appears identical on the surface. When structural rigidity with light weightiness is the primary criteria of door requirement, honeycomb infill is the best option. Honeycomb was developed as a structural core for military aircraft wings during World War II and first used in standard metal doors in 1957. The rigid honeycomb structure is integrated with the door to form hundreds of small I-beams with the door, with a uniform thickness and flat surface that makes it easy to add lites, louvers or other features. It reinforces the full width and height of the door thus avoiding steel stiffening of doors.

  • Mineral Rockwool Infill
    Rockwool infill is used in the steel stiffened doors. The high density Rockwool board insulation produced from molten basalt rocks spun to fine fibers and bonded with heat resistant binder. The rockwool infill board meets the requirements of the technical standard ASTM C-612. Steel stiffed door has vertical steel-stiffeners throughout the height of the door. The cavities between two stiffeners are filled with mineral rockwool. The combination of optimized density, fibre direction and excellent fit of mineral rockwool provides ideal thermal and acoustic insulation for steel doors.