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Decorative Wooden Doors

Wood has been the traditional choice of raw material for doors for centuries. Its wide variety of pigmentation, its versatility and its natural beauty made wood the obvious choice of raw material when selecting a door design whether for internal or external use. It can easily be painted or stained to achieve virtually any color or pigmentation. We offer many alternative designs, timber veneers and sizes, so wood doors can be tailor made to individual specification. Our Mashrabiya designs are mostly used in villas and palaces although sometimes in public buildings such as hospitals, mosques, schools and government buildings. Our enticing range of products chiseled out of exotic wood using highly sophisticated CNC machines. They are the specimens of artistic excellence and embellished with intricate wooden carvings in wood like Meranti, Mahogany, Cherry, Ash, Walnut, Beech wood, Oak wood, Teak, or any other wood species according to our client requirements. The engineered doors can be supplied with same species of veneer, laminated finish or painting system to any RAL colors. The final finish of a lacquer coating can protect the facings without compromising on the aesthetics. Our decorative products include hollow core doors, solid core doors, cellular core doors, intermediate rail core doors, etc.

  • Hollow and Solid Core
    Our hollow and solid core doors are manufactured using SAUERLAND particle board. As extruded tubular or solid particle board, SAUERLAND board meets the requirements for doors in residential and commercial buildings with respect to sound insulation, fire resistance, burglar-proofness and dimensional stability in different climates. The Particle Board core is placed inside a framework made up of high quality timber stiles and rails. The composite core is further bonded on both sides with selected hardwood or MDF cross bands and finished with face veneers or paint.

  • Cellular Core
    This is a type of hollow-core door filled with a lightweight, honeycomb-shaped, expanded material to provide rigidity and support. This type of door has a softwood outer framework which is glued, stapled or jointed together. The core is formed using honeycomb infill which is covered with veneered faced plywood or MDF.

  • Intermediate Rail Core Doors
    The door panel comprises of intermediate rails evenly distributed at a spacing of not more than 200mm centre-to-centre to which finish materials are bonded. The stiles and rails of the door are manufactured with high quality hardwood lumber; facing can be variety of veneers or paint finish surfaces.