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Bullet Resistant Steel Overhead Doors & Frames

Lakshmi Metal Tech > Solutions > Engineered Overhead Doors & Frames > Bullet Resistant Steel Overhead Doors & Frames
Our bullet resistant steel overhead doors combine outstanding bullet resistance with the appearance and function of conventional overhead door products. Our entire range of bullet resistant products is readily available complete with rugged hardware and electrical operators that provide an easy-to-operate door system.

  • Products are available in accordance with UL 752 standards:
    • UL Level One through Three to protect against medium and super power small arms.
    • UL Level Four to protect against rifle attack (30-06 Rifle) where anticipated threat levels are extremely high.
    • UL Levels Five through Eight to protect against military assault weapons.
  • Full engineering capability to design and manufacture bullet resistant overhead door and hardware assemblies to meet the demanding performance requirements of the end user.
  • Multi-leaf design integrates sectional steel panels that telescope easily above the header of the door opening. A rugged counter-weight system supports the movement of individual door sections faultlessly.
  • Electrical operators and accessories operate the entire assembly in accordance with up to date NEMA standards.
  • Testing of assemblies by independent laboratories complies with current test standards for bullet resistance.

Manufactured under the license of Ambico AMBICO